Saturday 24 August 2013

The first few days.

I'm sorry we haven't posted a post before but google decided that the attempts to log in were illegal and locked the account. So lets catch up.

The journey here on Tuesday seemed to go on for ages. Emily was dropped at arrivals rather than departures but we eventually met up with her and we negotiated the departures system without too many problems

We loved the airport at Zurich and the station was right next door.

Quote of the day (and possibly the camp) goes to Cleo who on seeing a mountain from the train window said 'Oh look a big rock'

The weather in Kandersteg has been very hot and sunny so far. It didn't take long to put our tents up on Tuesday evening and then we had the opening ceremony.

We started changing our programme from day 1. Last time we came we didn't get to do the summer toboggan run because it was raining so we moved this to Wednesday. We walked along the river into Kandersteg. The scenery is beautiful.

To get to the toboggan run we had to go up the mountain by gondola. Here's the view back down the mountain.

Yes that is snow on the mountains.

The girls enjoyed several goes on the toboggan run. Willow and Emma were total adrenaline junkies enjoying the whole run without using the brakes (if possible).

We then walked on to the lake where te girls enjoyed a slushy drink and we all had a paddle. Annabelle and Owl fell in and got completely wet. Not a problem for Annabelle as she was wearing her swimsuit but Owl was fully clothed.

Photos of the lake are on another camera so will follow later. Walking back down the very steep route to Kandersteg we met a group of cows.

The benches on the way down were very welcome.

If you're thinking that the girls were tired at the end of our day of activities then think again. After stopping long enough to enjoy dinner they got themselves ready and walked back into Kandersteg for the International disco. The younger girls went back to camp early but the older group stayed until the end at 12.15 when we walked them back to our camp. 

We're going to post this and start writing about the next day as the internet is incredibly slow and very unreliable. We are having a huge amount of fun and will keep you updated.. 

Owl and Willow

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